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About Me

I was born in Dublin and developed a lifelong compulsion for books from a very young age. After studying Commerce at University College, Dublin, I moved to London in the early noughties to pursue a career in investment management. This involved plenty of writing, albeit mostly investment proposals. Similar requirement for crisp, compelling prose, but featuring somewhat less murder.

I started writing The Dark Side of Blue in mid-2020, during the Covid pandemic. I quickly became completely immersed in it, researching and writing, day after day. Chronic insomnia finally had a constructive use.

The experience was transformative. I was fortunate enough to meet some extraordinary people during the process, who helped to inform, inspire and shape what was to come.

The murky, often fickle and wild world of policing has always fascinated me. The more I explore and learn, the more resolute I am that there are stories to be told. Fiction always, but very much steeped in the real calamity of society’s blunt attempts to tackle the sheer badness that stalks us. From all angles.

I’m currently writing the second instalment in the series, which I aim to publish in early 2022.



…This debut novel is one of the best “first reads” I have been privileged to enjoy…

…couldn’t put the book down as it kept me hooked all the way to the end…

“…The author has done his research, and produced a great story. Complex, interwoven plot, believable characters, and a very well written, fast-paced narrative…”

…From the first page I was hooked and I couldn’t put this book down…some really well written characters and the plot is excellent…

“…Thoroughly enjoyed, was hooked from the start…”

…A great twisting turning tale…